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100% Guarantee


All memorials and cemetery
foundations installed by our
company are covered by a
no time limit guarantee in writing.

              Timeless Memories

Kallin Johnson Monument Company has been designing memorials for the loved ones of our clients since 1921.
It is our obligation and passion to produce a personal design that reflects the person that lived as well as those who survived.

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why should you select your monument in advance?

Peace of Mind.....
By selecting your monument now,
family uncertainty will be avoided.

Relieve Your Children of the Burden.....
Protect your family from the indecision
of choosing your monument.

Make Your Choice Together.....
The choice of a monument should reflect
your mutual taste and wishes.

Buy Smart.....
Choosing your monument today,
out of current income, insures that
your family will not be faced with
these expenses at the time when
they will be less able to meet them.

Avoid a Stressful Decision.....
At times of grief and loss, it can be very
difficult to make this important decision.


Pre-pay and personalize your
own monument making this time
a little easier on your loved ones.
Meet with an agent to discuss today!

Toll Free: 888.455.4367

Mausoleum Gallery

An excellent choice for those wishing the security of above ground interment.
The unitized construction of a family mausoleum is available in many colors and designs, offering a secure alternative to in-ground burial

A Wise Investment Choice - Purchasing a Private Estate Mausoleum allows you to make a sensible, planned investment,
ensuring one less major decision at a time of great stress and emotion. By purchasing your Private Estate Mausoleum before the need
arises, you reduce estate taxes, eliminate the need for other memorials and avoid costly vaults and expenses of underground burial.
All of these factors combine to make the cost of above-groumd mausoleum entomment comparable to that of traditional burial.


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